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What are connections on BeToBe?
Where can I see my connections?
You can view your connections by selecting Connections on the left hand panel of your profile. You can filter your connections by name and partnership type.
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How do I become partners with other users?
To partner up with another user, complete the following steps:
  1. Open the profile page of the user you want to partner with or follow
  2. Select Partner Up or Follow according to how you want to connect with the user. You can follow a user with one click. To partner up with a user, you will need to send them a request that they can either accept or reject. Once the user has accepted your request, you will become partners.
NOTE: When you partner up with another user, you will automatically follow them and vice versa. You can unfollow or unpartner anyone at any time. We won’t notify them
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What is tagging and who can tag me?
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